"Flint-Knapping and Tradtional archery at its best!"

Welcome to Huntworthy Productions

Thank you for entering HuntWorthy Productions site. Here at HuntWorthy, we are dedicated to primitive and traditional archery, and to the ethics of hunting and taking game within these perimeters. With the growing numbers of individuals that are looking for more challenge in their hunts, and in their gear, we at Huntworthy offer that opportunity to everyone, whether it's on the target course or in the great outdoors.

Tradtional archery is one of the most enjoyable sports that there is in the modern world we live in today. With the fast pace of our daily lives, we sometimes feel a propensity toward a less complicated, more down to earth approach. Primitive and traditonal shooting allows us to revisit the inception of archery and return to a more primary and challenging way of hunting. Here at Huntworthy, we build on that, producing high performance all-wood, wood and bamboo composite, and glass-laminated bows. We're sure that there's something here to suit everyone's needs, preferences, and level of shooting. And remember, it's up to you to keep traditional archery alive and growing!

James Parker

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